Artist Alley is the home of a plethora of smaller scale vendors, artists, and craftsmen. Here you will find an ever-changing array of faces, art, and trade goods. It is possible to visit the Artist Alley three or more times in a day, and see someone new every time. You may find artists taking commissions for badges and drawings, a bit of steampunk jewelry, some chainmail trinkets, tails of every color and shape, or any number of goods. That's one of the best parts of Artist Alley, the ever-changing variety!

Furry Fiesta's Artist Alley does not close overnight, so it is possible to find people drawing and crafting late into the evening.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns.
Being an Artist Alley Vendor
Artist & Crafter Sign-up:
Artist Alley slots will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. You MUST be present at the time of drawing to be eligible. You may register for your Convention attendance after being drawn, but you must complete your registration prior to taking up residence in the space.

Drawing Times:
- Friday, drawn at 10:30am
- Saturday, drawn at 8:30am
- Sunday, drawn at 8:30am

If you are allotted a seat, the price is $5 per day, non-refundable.

Friday Early Sign-Up
To help speed up our Friday Artist Alley seat assignments, we are allowing people to submit their information ahead of time. Please click here to sign up for Friday.

  1. You must complete your pre-registration for 2012.
  2. You must be present at the time of drawing. If you are not, your seat will be put back in the pool.
Artist Alley Rules
  1. Anyone wishing to sign up for a seat in Artist Alley must possess a Texas State TaxID. No seat token will be issued without a Texas State TaxID on file with the Artist Alley Coordinator. Obtaining a Texas State TaxID is a free, quick, and painless process which can be done online at If you have not received your official certificate before Furry Fiesta 2012, please bring a copy of the signed form you faxed/mailed to the Comptroller's Office with you to Furry Fiesta 2012. This is for tax purposes in case of an audit by a Comptroller. Artist Alley merchants selling any item at Furry Fiesta must collect all Taxes and Tariffs required by the State of Texas and the City of Addison. Artist Alley merchants are also responsible for the submission of these taxes to the appropriate offices. (Sales Tax for Addison, Texas, is currently 8.25%.) FAILURE TO ADHERE TO THIS RULE MAY RESULT IN BEING BANNED FROM ARTIST ALLEY FOR THE REMAINDER OF FURRY FIESTA 2012. Repeat offenders will have a discussion with Security and the Convention Chair, and may have more serious repercussions. You may file by email your TaxID ahead of time, or stop by the Coordinator's table and file it at any point during the Den's registration & operational hours.

    Note: We may have limited facilities in place to assist in registering for a TaxID at Furry Fiesta 2012. However, to ensure that you are ready to register and do not get an unpleasant surprise, we highly recommend that you obtain your TaxID before Furry Fiesta 2012.
  2. People in possession of each day's seat token have priority for that day. Upon registering, each Artist Alley merchant will be given a color-coded and numbered token. This token will match a seat number for a specific day. This is your proof of payment and your rental of the seat for that day, so do not misplace it. The rightful owner of this token has the right to evict anyone sitting in their seat at any time during the day for which it is valid. Anyone sitting in a seat who does not own the token for that seat must immediately vacate upon the request from the token owner. Should anyone fail to follow this rule, contact the Artist Alley Coordinator in Dealer's Den (or, for after-hours assistance, contact Security) and we will address the situation.
  3. An Artist Alley merchant may choose to barter or re-sell their seat token to another attendee with a valid Texas State TaxID. However, the merchant who originally registered for the table space will remain on file as the person held responsible for proper conduct at that seat if any problems occur with the merchant they gave their token to. This includes legal responsibilities for items sold and for collecting and reporting sales tax and liability for damage to hotel property and equipment at that seat. Merchants who wish to surrender their token without this liability must return their token to the Artist Alley Coordinator during Dealer's Den operating hours or to Security after hours.
  4. Each Artist Alley merchant is only entitled to one half of a table (3ft wide by 2.5ft deep). If you need more space, you must negotiate with your neighbors.
  5. Artist Alley merchants may not post signs or posters on walls or erect additional stands or tables behind, in front of, or beside their table space. They may, however, hang signs from the front of their table space and may use small stands to display signs or merchandise within in their table space.
  6. You may only sell items you, yourself, have made. This includes items such as art, tails, candles, incense, costumes/suits, jewelry, prints, books, comics, or other media for which you are the sole creator of the content, home-made plush or stuffed animals, etc. You may not sell items made by another party such as glow sticks, commercial food items, stuffed animals made by a third party, books, comics, or other media for which you are not the sole creator of the content, etc.
  7. Be aware of items prohibited for sale: This list may be appended at any time. Should you have questions about whether an item may or may not be sold, please contact us. Prohibited items include (but are not limited to):
    - Firearms, no exceptions.
    - Weapons which are not peace-bonded.
    - Flammable/incendiary items other than candles and incense.
    - Alcohol, no exceptions.
    - Home-made food items manufactured in facilities without FDA or local health inspector oversight.
    - Any other item prohibited in the State of Texas or the Town of Addison.

    Furry Fiesta reserves the right to ask retailers to remove from display or sale any items the Staff feels are inappropriate.
  8. Adult material is permitted, but it must be censored or otherwise obscured to prevent access by minors. All Adult Material (including but not limited to printed, video, computer-generated, drawn, audio and physical) must be censored. The retailer is responsible for policing his or her own table to keep minors from being inadvertently exposed. All minors will be wearing a distinctly colored and labeled Minor badge, but retailers must check ID if the individual appears to be less than 18 years of age. If adult art is loose or in a binder, individual works must be censored.
  9. Retailer Liability: Artist Alley merchants are responsible, within reason, for any damage to hotel property and equipment in the Artist Alley. Hotel property and equipment may not be modified in any way, including but not limited to: Holes, chips, paint, glue, or damage due to rough or inappropriate behavior. Furry Fiesta, DRAMA, and the Crowne Plaza Hotel are not liable for any personal injury or damage to equipment or property caused by the inappropriate use of hotel equipment, such as falling while standing on a chair or table. Please use provided equipment responsibly.
  10. Hours of Operation: The Alley will remain open all day and night, with the exception of time to clean and re-register Retailers for the next day.
  11. All Furry Fiesta Rules must be followed in addition to the rules listed here.
  12. Furry Fiesta reserves the right to amend these rules without prior or posted notice.