The Furry Fiesta art show brings a room full of furry themed artwork to our convention attendees in a casual, pleasant atmosphere. Like one of the works on display? Give your favorite piece of art a new home! Most of our pieces will be up for bid in a silent auction.

How to bid
  1. REGISTER (it's free as an attendee!) to bid on the artwork in our gallery. If you plan to bid, you must register with the Art Show staff in the Art Show Gallery. This can be done at any time during the show, but must be done before you can place a bid.
  2. VIEW lots of artwork. Identify the pieces you MUST have.
  3. BID on the work by scribbling your bidder number (not your badge number!) on the bid sheet.
  4. WIN and the artwork comes home with you!

You don't have to be a bidder to enjoy the show. Furs love browsing art, and you are no exception. Enjoy the show and happy bidding!

Artists, what's in it for you? First, exposure. For just $10, you receive a 4x4 panel to display your work. Then, without having to staff a table, hundreds of furries will view your art throughout the convention. Established artists continue their relationship with a grateful audience, while newer artists begin to build name recognition. Down the road, exposure may generate the commissoins that can fuel your artistic habits. Secondly, your art may generate bids! 10% of the winning bid will be donated to our charity, everything else goes to you, the artist. And finally, you'll make lots of smiles and tails wag.

*** We have open panels! ***

The Artist Packet has all of the documents you'll need to register. Please download it here.

How to submit your art To submit your art to the art show, please return the following to us:
  1. A signed registration form with all pages initialed
  2. One Control Sheet for every panel you purchase
  3. One Bid Sheet for every piece of work you intend to show
Art Show Pricing
Full panel: 4' X 4' (pegboard) - $10.00 (General or Adult)
Half panel: 4' x 2' (pegboard) - $ 5.00 (General or Adult)
Table Space: 2' x 3' (half-table) - $15.00 (General Only)
All artists participating in the Furry Fiesta Art Show are subject to a 10% commission charge on final total sales.
***Please do not mail in artwork until you know that a panel is reserved for you***

What if you want to be part of the show but you can't make it the convention this year, or you live on the moon? That's fine, you can designate an agent who will handle your artwork on your behalf. What if you don't know anyone locally who can do that for you, or your attending friends are rabid? Mail it in! The Art Show is accepting mail in applications. Simply send your safely packaged art along with a return shipping label, and our volunteer staff will hang your work on your behalf. After the show, unsold pieces will be returned to you in the very same packaging. This is a great option for non local artists, and gives our show a national presence. Remember, shipping can be risky, and the convention won't be responsible for damage done in transit. Please pack your artwork well, and consider purchasing insurance. Check out the details inside the artist contract.

While we only allow one registrant per panel, you may share panel space this year. We will require express written consent from every represented artist that it is okay for you to represent them. Proceeds and control sheets will be mailed back to the registrant, who may then disseminate the funds and artwork to the artists they represent.

Once we receive your completed packet and your payment, we will reserve a space for you. If you're mailing in art, please don't send it until your space is confirmed. If you submit a packet and we're out of space, we'll place you on a waiting list. If we sell out, and you just didn't get in, your payment will be returned to you.

We accept payment by Cashier's Check, Money Order, or by Credit Card through PayPal. Our PayPal ID is No personal checks, please. If you pay through PayPal, please indicate transaction data on your registration form.

Art Show staff decisions regarding theme, content or operation of the Art Show are final; however, we are open to suggestions and welcome feedback.

Please don't hesitate to write us if you need assistance, or have questions or concerns.