Both of our Guests of Honor have been chosen for their respective contributions which have helped to shape the furry fandom into the diverse and entertaining social landscape that we all enjoy. Join us in showing them the respect their due at Furry Fiesta 2012!
Guest of Honor: Mary Mouse, Furry Artist
Mary Minch, also known as Mary Mouse, has been involved in the Furry Fandom since 1998. While growing up, she was inspired by classic Disney animation and comics, which lead her to create her own characters and comic stories. She currently writes and draws a self-published comic series, "Mice". Mary is a native of Cleveland, OH where she lives with with her husband, Miguel. Her hobbies include traveling, urban legends, and collecting bottle caps.

You can see more of Mary's work at
Guest of Honor: Kory Bingaman
Kory Bing was born three days before Halloween in 1984 and she's always held a small grudge against her mother for not holding out until Halloween because that would have been just so cool. She was named after a Harry Chapin song but her parents made up the spelling because they liked the letter "K" more than the letter "C". After growing up in a river valley outside of a small town populated with 600 people, she moved two hours south and lived in the Ozarks for a few years, and now she lives in Portland, Oregon with all the other cool kids.

She lives with her husband Ben, a wonderful cook with an awesome Czech surname, and their stupid black cat Eisenhower, who isn't very bright, but we'll forgive him.

You can see more of Kory online at:
Also don't forget to check out her webcomic Skin Deep at!

Rhubarb The Bear: Rhubarb The Bear is a freelance musician and author of four stage musicals, including "Julie Bunny Must Die!" For Furry Fiesta 2012, he is taking the advice and encouragement of his new friends in the fandom and stepping out for the first time with a one-man - uh, one-bear show, highlighting the hard-won tricks and constant perils of live performance while also featuring a special guest or three.

Alex "Khaki" Vance sponsored by FurPlanet: Alex "Khaki" Vance is a dog from Amsterdam. In his decade in the furry fandom he founded Bad Dog Books, writes and produces the Ursa Major Award-winning graphic novel series Heathen City, led the redesign of SoFurry, frequently contributes to the FBA and Bad Dog Book Club podcasts and is a member of the Furry Writers' Guild, served as editor for three volumes of the FANG anthology and has been published in FurNation Magazine, Sofawolf's Heat and Kyell Gold's "X" anthology.

Amber does Dallas: In the same vein of last year's performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show but with a bit more post-apocalyptic feel, we've brought in a whole new group to entertain you. Amber Does Dallas will perform their renowned shadowcast of "REPO: The Genetic Opera". So check your schedules, make sure you're current on your organ lease payments, and join us for some surgery.

Furry Night Live: Furry Night Live, "The Greatest Show in Fur", returns to Texas Furry Fiesta for a second year to celebrate the Post-Apocalyptic world of "Beyond Thunderdome"! Join returning host Calamity Cougar and the FNL Cast and Crew as we rock your world with the furry fandom's best performances and funniest stage and video skits in a show that will blow you away! If you're interested in taking part in the show, be sure to visit the Variety Show page.