The staff of Furry Fiesta welcome media coverage; we have lots of fun every year, and the more people know about us, the more people can come and enjoy what we have to offer! That said, we do have a few standing policies in place to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the interests of our attendees are protected. These are as follows:

Media Policies
  1. All media personnel are to be accompanied at all times by a member of Furry Fiesta staff.
    - Simply put, we know where people will congregate, which people are more likely to give interviews, and where the photo opportunities will be!
  2. Any form of coverage of an attendee who has not explicitly given their permission in the presence of Furry Fiesta staff is not allowed.
    - Not everyone at a convention wants their image or words put up for all to see. This rule exists for the benefit of our attendees.
  3. Coverage of attendee-only events is not allowed. At the discretion of the convention chairman, this rule may be waived for individual events.
    - Sorry, but as a 501c7 organization, we have to be careful about issues like this!
  4. Intent to cover any aspect of Furry Fiesta must be sent to the Convention Chairman via e-mail no less than one week before the starting date of the convention.
    - This is for the media as much as it is for us! Giving us advance notice helps us to make sure that we can have someone available to walk with media personnel and show them around.

  5. Anyone found to be in violation of any of the above rules may be asked to leave hotel property.