Furry Fiesta 2012 will be our biggest year yet, and we've got a wide variety of entertaining and engaging activities to make your experience one that you won't soon forget! What's listed here is just a small sampling of the things we have in store; more will be added as time goes on!

General events
  • Charity Auction (see our Charity page for details and donation info.)
  • Art Show
  • Charity Poker Tournament
  • Fursuit Parade

Guests of Honor events

Dealer's Den
This year's Dealer's Den is going to be larger than ever, thanks to Shiva, and is sure to contain something for everyone! See the Dealer's Den page for a list of all the artists, merchants, and other vendors who will be happy to sell you all kinds of interesting goodies!

Video Room
Headed by Chakat Silverstreak, our Video Room will have movies, cartoons, and other video programming playing throughout Furry Fiesta for your entertainment pleasure. Whether you're an anime afficionado, a cartoon connosieur, or a movie maven, our video room will keep your eyes glued to the screen! (Solvent sold seperately.)

Internet Room
Tigerwolf of Tigerden Internet Services will yet again be providing our Internet Room which will be open throughout Furry Fiesta for you to check your e-mail, browse the web, chat on IRC or via IM, or otherwise stay in touch with friends. Stop in and say hi, he's a personable meowoof!