The following brave individuals are our staff members for Furry Fiesta 2012.

Glass (Con Chair) - A dizzy ferret that has been part of the fandom as long as he wants to be. Is paid in friendly hellos, hugs & ginger treats. Always willing to lends a paw where he can & is still part of a secret organization of ninja furs that take pictures of you paying way too much for coffee. Also a strong believer that bats deserve the right to Brushie Brushie Brushie every day. You can generally find me resolving problems, overseeing procedural matters, planning and building projects as well as in charge of making sure things are getting done. Got an issue? Let me know and I will see what we can do. Will also run in circles just to make you happy.

Guardian (Logistics, Con Ops) - Hello there! I've been a member of the furry community since 1999 and have thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the furry population in DFW and beyond. I like most fantasy and sci-fi books and media, good artwork, furry/scaly/feathery critters in general but especially Lions, Tigers, and Bears (oh my!), computers in general (and most things technical, really) and hanging out /w my friends. Helping to run Furry Fiesta is a LOT of work. But I'm working extra hard to make sure Furry Fiesta 2012 runs like a well-oiled machine!

Shiva (Dealer's Den, Artist Alley, Advertisement coordinator, Community Relations) - Shiva has been part of the fandom as an artist and writer for over a decade, has been part of our Staff since year one, and she can be found on FurAffinity as shivakat. She takes part in the furry relationship and general geekery podcast Knotcast, and lives locally to the Convention in nearby Dallas. Shiva provides management, assistance, and support for those wishing to sell items or services at Furry Fiesta within our vendor spaces. She also minds our LJ, Facebook, Yahoo Groups and several other public venues where we have a presence. At the convention, she can be found in and around Dealers Den and/or Artist Alley. She provides general assistance with a variety of questions, and if she cannot assist you, she will find someone who can.

Celyddon (Registration) - Celyddon is the resident avian, feather duster, and window breaker. She has been a member of the furry/feathery community for about a quarter of a decade. While not entirely a lifestyler, she does tend to be peckish, loves to wing it, tends to shriek when agitated, and eats like a...well, you get the idea. Do not, however, mistake her for a bird-brain. In her spare time she does semi-professional costuming and researches better ways to break her D&D game, completely reveling in the fact that she is indeed a dork. You can find me running registration, so feel free to say "Hi!", since I'm going to see you there anyways!

Istanbul (Charity Liason, Media Relations) - I'm Istanbul, a bunny fur who's been in the furry community since 1995, though I've been a furry fan for as long as I can remember. I've been playing games since I could walk, I'm a big fan of furry art and music and writing, and I've enjoyed fifteen conventions as either attendee or staff; include non-furry events, and the number rises above 20. When I combined those facts with my years of experience in the hotel industry and my ability to talk up a storm, well...starting a convention just seemed like the right thing to do! Furry Fiesta is a huge source of pride and hope for me., and I'm happy to wear two hats so that I can help to create a convention that everyone will enjoy for years to come!

Webster (Treasurer) - Well, what to say? I am a life-long fangirl who wandered into the furry fandom about three years ago. My home base is literary - science fiction and fantasy, with a heavy dose of Star Trek throughout my developmental years - and I have never been anything less than enthusiastic in my projects or fandoms. Professionally and interest-wise, I serve as an assistant accountant and grow as a student.

Kyo Foxtrot (Volunteer Wrangler) - Hey there! I'm Kyo! I've been in the Furry Fandom for over 10 years but I'm also a huge Anime geek. My character is a purple fox and has been showcased in a novel sold by IRL at cons you can usually find me wearing all bright purple and pink. My friends on Knotcast have dubbed me the gayest gay to ever gay a gay!

Path (Art Show Director) - A hyena out of San Antonio who's been active in the fur community for almost a decade. He's organized many a furmeet and digs meeting new furs online and in person. He's so old that he'll probably respond to your text message by calling you. This guy is responsible for filling up the art show with great artists, and generally keeping the Art Show as organized as possible. Have a question for the Art Show? Just feel like saying hi? Drop me an email. Hyenas are the bestest and most wonderful things in the whole world. (I'm just sayin.)

Teiran (Conbook) - Teiran is the angry badger of Furplanet Publishing. An engineer, writer, and publisher, he works with his mate Fuzzwolf providing the fandom with literary and comic book publishing. He is often seen destroying building just to rebuild them, or simply rearranging his mate's stuff.

Draconis (Variety Show, King of Theme) - A silly spotty cat with a big heart and a loaded magnadoodle. The King of Cardboard with signs at every con he attends keeping you the con attendee a chuckle if not a laugh.

Trevalyn (Dances) - Howdy! I'm a tigerwolf fur from Houston, TX, that's been apart of the fandom for many years now. This will be my 4th time being on staff for Furry Fiesta and I'm very excited. I enjoy music, tv, anime, WoW, and poker when I'm not busy with life. I've played piano since I was 6 years old, have composed and written my own music since I was 16, done remix commissions for artist like Amber, Rihanna, Kristine W, and work with Universal Music Group. I've DJed now for 10 Years and have played in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Austin, Houston, and many others. Other furry cons I've DJ d for are FWA, Elliott's Live Events, and Furry Fiesta.

Jeddar (Con Suite) - Hello! Jeddar here. Head of Consuite and general chief cook and bottle washer. I've been a fur in the community for a little over 2 decades, only the last few locally with recent furmeets. Currently a computer tech turned Professional Chef-in-training, I am a ferret living semi-comfortably here in the Dallas area and happily wed to Halfwit Genius.

Halfwit Genius (Non-Fursuit Activities) - Halfwit Genius is a seven-bodied Rat King. If you catch her running in four or five directions at once, it's because she couldn't agree on anything. Has been in the fandom for around four years, and enjoys writing, reading, drawing, and gaming. And sci-fi/fantasy shows. And gaming. You can generally find Halfwit Genius around pinatas and running many of the events at the con.

Silverstreak (Video Room, Twitter liason) - I'm Chakat Silverstreak, in charge of Video Room Programming. Though I've been interested in anthros for pretty much all my life, I've only really known what a Furry is and considered myself part of the fandom since about 1998 or so. I'm a pretty big science fiction buff and roleplayer, as well as being an anime fan who's worked as A/V Tech staff for Project A-Kon since 2007... which is just about as long as I've been L-Shaped, too. ;)

Crys the Hybrid (Art Track - Crys has associated herself with the fandom for almost a decade and has a love for improving her art and helping others do the same. With three years of art school and a lifetime of practice she heads the art track at three conventions including Furry Fiesta. She's always open to new ideas and is always looking for fellow artists to chat and exchange ideas!

Kitra (Motion & Meditation Track) - This shape-shifting skunkupine has been in the Dallas fur community since the mid-90's when she moved to Texas and she's been teaching panels for Furry Fiesta since it first began. A professional dance instructor since 1992, when she eventually got her yoga certification she was immediately drawn to focus on a more approachable, friendly and less intimidating method of bringing fitness and fun to the furry community. When not dancing, she works as a makeup artist for the film industry specializing in body art and creature transformation. She is viewable on IMDB and has been featured in several of the Tuaca Body Art Ball shows. Kitra is the proud mother of two small parrots with huge personalities who keep her both on her toes and full of joy along with her own personal hero and beloved mate, Seismic, who repairs her and fills her with wonder every day.

Shockwave (Puppetry Track) - Shockwave is a fun-loving introvert who writes fictional fantasy stories in his spare time. As he is a builder in Second Life, has two children and a wife, dogs and a lawn to take care of, as well as a regular high-tech and high-stress job, spare time is a rare time these days. But he is still keeping his hand in the fandom and in writing as best he can. He lives south of Houston, drives a Civic, does puppet shows and puppet voices, and builds his own christmas lights from microcontrollers and LEDs. He is also responsible for the puppet stage, projection systems, puppet shows, and teasing people with a hairy sock on the hand until they laugh.

PacerFox (Fursuiting Track) - Pacer is a fox (though he also has a wolf character and a phoenix character) who lives in Austin. He's been costuming for over a decade, and has working 6 years for a minor league hockey team as their mascot, as well as performing for many charity organizations.

Savrin (Gaming Track) - Savrin is an unsuspecting fennec that has been involved in the furry fandom over a decade. Starting from a yahoo search for Robin Hood and going from there, he has been there and indeed, done that. Currently involved with KnotCast, he also can be seen as an occasional booth wench for FurPlanet.

Gwaland (Systems Administration) - A house cat with dyed blue stripes who's been floating around the fandom since 1993. Before the crash he was a systems administrator for a large hosting company. After the end of the world he holed himself up in an old federal building that was converted to a data center. He has enough fuel to run his generators for another 10 years. He has been slowly replaying a copy of the internet mirrored from the wayback machine. As far as he is concerned the year is 1998, Geocities is the place to have a website, talk cities is the in place for hot chatting and the palm III is a really neat idea.

Ipequey (Webmaster, Multimedia Track) - Ipequey is a blue and white inflatable anthro wolf with a hard to pronounce name. Somehow he got "suckered" into becoming the Texas Furry Fiesta's webmaster! When not hacking away, you can generally find him enjoying fine beers and music. You can generally find him in fursuit at the con, or attending one of the multimedia track events.

Tigerwolf (Internet Room) - Tigerwolf is a retired USAF flight test program manager/engineer and is a rated senior navigator. Though a 'furry' inside since a kid, the Internet revealed others in 1993. Tigerden was founded in 1994 in part to contribute something back to the fandom. Since then, we've provided Internet room setups for various furry cons, web and muck hosting, and individual accounts for those lacking other facilities. We've also provided Internet for victims of hurricanes Katrina and Gustav and during extended power outages from windstorms in Ohio.

Ratchet (Main Ballroom A/V Coordinator) - Hi! I'm Ratchet a Redfox From San Antonio, Texas, Ive been in the fandom since mid 2008 and have been attending conventions since the first Furry Fiesta in February 2009. Since then I've become involved with A/V at several conventions and its turned into quite the hobby for me. Now starting with this year I'm coordinating the main ballroom's audio visual aspects to help make this the best Furry Fiesta yet!

Seismic Gelatin (Con Store Manager) - Read the signs. Thanks!

Maxamillion Jag (Inventory Manager) - I'm a Snow leopard who has been a part of the fandom since around 2000. You'll see me running around the con trying to get furs to put things in the right boxes and making Gaurdians life miserable. Your also likely to see me at the late night dance demanding to see your badges, and No You Cant Borrow One! I am happily mated to my kitty Gwaland, who will be doing his best to tell everyone he is just the System Admin while being dragged into doing more. I spend most of my free time reading, writing, and occasionally trying to draw. You can also find me playing ST:O or asleep. The rest of my time I spend shuffling boxes around whether at home, work, or the con.

Smokescale (Writing Track, Event Staff) - In the time before civilization collapsed, when indulgence was on the mind of all, this particular blue dragon was struggling to get by. Bouncing between jobs, unable to keep up with the monetary demands of society that saw the acquisition of wealth to be the main goal of life. After the world descended into chaos, oddly enough, Smokey found his niche. Now he spends most of his days in the sky acting as a lookout for one of the small clusters of survivors trying their best to get by in a harsh world. Of course, breathing fire helps ward off unwanted invaders. He's not terribly big but when your car is hit by an errant fireball from high above, it's much harder to hit a smaller target sailing overhead.