Jack is that dashing jackalope fellow you see below. He's one of Furry Fiesta's family of jackalope mascots. Jack is a little less quiet and reserved than his cousin April. He enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities. Though he is fondest of riding and hiking, he's pretty much happy any time he's out in the open air. Jack can occasionally be coaxed back indoors with the promise of cheese puffs and a quick board game. His favorite foods are cheese puffs and pizza.

Jack's fur is mostly a medium sandy brown balanced with some light sandy tan markings. The lighter color covers all of his right ear, all but the the end of his left ear, his headfur, around his left eye, a stripe from the tip of his muzzle running down his throat, chest, abdomen, and inner thighs, and his right foot. There is also a spot of the lighter color in the shape of the state of texas on his left shoulderblade. His antlers are brown and darker than either two body colors.

(Art by Dook)